Why the hell do kids think this is okay to do? I don’t care if everyone else in the fucking school does it. It isn’t right.





Four students in a middle school in my town made a video harassing their school bus monitor.  In this ten minute video, they verbally abuse her over and over again, saying things as terrible as “I hope your kids kill themselves so they don’t have to be around you” and they were gonna “stab her in the stomach”.  Her son committed suicide ten years ago.  The police are handling the undetermined consequences for the children who were harassing her.  It has already been on the local news and the video currently has over 280,000 views on Youtube, and over $40,000 has been raised for her to go on vacation, she only makes $15,506 a year.  1,300 emails have been sent to the school district regarding this.  A local radio guy in my town tweeted Ellen the video.  We want this to go viral and for those kids to be humiliated.  She has also been interviewed on the news, aswell as a parent of one of the kids.  If you want to send her a sweet message, her name is Karen Huff Klein.

Here is the link to her Facebook page:


Here is the link to the tweet we want to get to Ellen:


Here is the fundraiser to give her a vacation if you want to donate!  You can donate as little or as much as you want:


On the link above, there are links to the staff emails including the principal of the school, links to the other videos, links to the schools website, information on the bus number, and the school’s fax number.


I hope those abominable kids get put on blast/expelled and Karen ends up on The Ellen Show for this. There is probably nothing that will completely wipe out this cruel bus ride from her memory, but kind words from thousands of strangers can still go a very long way. Messaging a brief sentence on Facebook is the least you guys can do, if not donate a couple dollars. That woman deserves to go on many many vacations. 

Reblog the fuck out of this, stuff like this makes me hate our generation. These kids deserve to be humiliated and exposed.

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    This broke my heart! I couldn’t even watch more than a minute. This world is sick. I hope those kids got what they...
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    this broke my heart….. :(
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    The monsters of society today.
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    i swear to god if i was on that bus, they would be getting smacked
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